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In compliance with Diocesan and PA State regulations on child protection, volunteers who work with, supervise, and who have routine guidance of children are required to go through a screening process that involves multiple background certifications to ensure that individuals with a record of abuse do not have access to children. All volunteers who go through this process receive training on how to identify and report abuse to authorities. These trained volunteers receive special ID badges who have completed the required background certification and training for the Diocesan Youth Protection Program.

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There are several ways parishioners can volunteer their time and talents.

  1. 40 Hours Devotion – March 13-15, 2022 – volunteers are needed for Adoration all three days and to help serve dinner on Tuesday, March 15th. Contact Tina Johnson for details [email protected].
  2. Vacation Bible School * – volunteers (teens) are needed to lead children of various ages from one activity to the next in a week-long camp in June. Contact Marissa Schwartz for more info. *Clearances are needed for all adult volunteers.
  3. Annual Parish Picnic – September 2021
  4. Annual Parish Appeal (Phone a Thon) – held every September
  5. Let’s D.A.N.C.E. (Develop and Nurture Catholic Education) – Annual School Fundraiser held in April, 2021
  6. Eucharistic Adoration – sign up for one hour of devotion on Tuesday or Wednesday of each week.
  7. Adult Choir – parishioners are welcome
  8. Mass Readers – parishioners read during the Liturgy.
  9. Eucharistic Ministers – parishioners trained to distribute Holy Communion during Masses.
  10. Ushers
  11. Church Cleaning
  12. Funeral Luncheon Committee
  13. Marriage Mentor Couples